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  • Another name for a computer on a TCP/IP network is: Host
  • The Internet was originally called: ARPAnet
  • Other names for hardware address are: MAC, Ethernet, physical, or NIC
  • Software utility which uses ICMP is Ping
  • The hardware address contain 12 hexadecimal characters
  • The two protocols at the Transport layer are TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol)
  • The name of the process that TCP uses to set up a connection is Three-way handshake
  • The benefit of UDP is that UDP can transfer data faster.
  • The benefit of TCP is that TCP guarantees delivery of data.
  • The protocol that uses a larger header is TCP and not UDP
  • The purpose of a checksum is to verifies that the packet was received correctly.
  • The applications listen for requests at ports
  • There are 65,536 ports


A protocol is a rule or a set of rules and standards for communicating that computers use when they send data back and forth. Both the sender and receiver involved in data transfer must recognize and observe the same protocols.  

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