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  Subnet Mask

Subnet Mask shows TCP/IP how many bits are used for the network portion of the IP address by "masking" the IP address’s network portion. Subnet Mask is used by TCP/IP to determine whether the destination of a packet is a host on the local network or a host on a remote network. LIke every telephone number anywhere in the world must have an area code, that way every IP address must have a subnet mask.  


Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) replace the subnet mask. By subnet mask we have for example and by CIDR it is replaced with /20. For this reason using the exact same information as by subnet mask we can see that a lot space is saved. When you multiply this saved space by the number of routes in a routing table, which could be thousands, a tremendous amount of space is saved.  
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Subnet Mask - IP Subnet Calculator

This Subnet Mask IP Calculator calculate number of subnets for a given IP Address Range and then CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing )from netmask.


The most interesting aspects of TCP/IP are subnet masks.
Subnet masks point out to IP which bits of the 32-bit IP address refer to the network.

It is a parameter included with every IP address that highlights the network portion.

CIDR or Classless Inter-Domain Routing is very similair to subnet mask.

For example, a subnet mask of tells IP that 24 bits determine the network portion of the address, so CIDR simply uses the notation of /24.

In other examples, instead of, CIDR uses a /16 notation, and a subnet mask of is replaced with /28.

You can enter any ip address range (second field must have bigger range than first one) from any country. Here are a couple examples sorted by classes.
For example class A for very large networks -, class B for medium network -, class C for small network - class D for multicast - or class E for experimental purpouses - .

You can get detailed infos about class, network, netmask, host on basis from entered CIDR by our another tool IP Subnet Mask. This tool is more simple and give you ability to get CIDR for IP ranges what can be very usefull for network administrator and for webmasters who need to find and then possible block some ranges.


Calculate Netmask - Subnet Calculator

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