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An IP or Internet Protocol is a numerical identification assigned to every computerís network interface in order to identify each network interface and distinguish each network interface from other network interfaces on the Internet. The IP address is a 32 bit number and is written out in dotted decimal form, e.g. This system was designed by the original creators of TCP/IP and the same model is used even today. Every network interface on the Internet has a unique IP assigned to it. Hence, every server that is used to host multiple domains will also have its unique IP address. In todayís world, where shared hosting has become a norm, all the domains on any given server will share the same IP address of the server.  

Free Reverse IP Search - DNS Lookup

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services in the InterNet. It makes possible to associate Internet addresses host names with ip address, and conversely. The DNS is a hierarchical data base distributed world-wide on thousands of servers, which administers the name area of the Internets. Mainly the DNS is used for the conversion by domainnamen in IP addresses (forward lookup) but also for the conversion by IP addresses in domainname (reverse lookup). The DNS offers thus a simplification, because humans can note names by far better than number columns. is easily to remember than appropiate Ip address  

Foward and Reverse DNS Lookup

DNS makes possible to associate Internet addresses host names with IP address, and conversely. Mostly the DNS is used for the conversion by domainnamen in IP addresses (forward DNS lookup) but also for the conversion by IP addresses in domainname (reverse DNS lookup).  
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Free Reverse IP Lookup - IP Neighbor

Recently, technology has advanced to create a reverse IP Lookup tool (IP Neighbor).


IP Neighbor is free reverse IP lookup tool allows you to use an IP address or domain to search all the domains hosted on a server.

That means, by using the reverse IP Lookup search tool, you can identify all the .com, .net, .org, .biz, .us, and .info websites hosted on a given IP address.

All you need to do is enter the IP address or Domain name into our reverse IP lookup tool and it will give you a list of all the domains hosted on it.

The use of our Reverse IP Lookup Tool - IP Neighbor

So, what is the use of this reverse IP search Tool? In what circumstance would you need to use it? Shared hosting solutions have become very popular today. A number of companies make incredible claims to attract clients.


For instance, they may claim to host thousands of sites to establish their credibility.

With the use of IP Neighbor tool, you can actually find out all the domains hosted on any shared hosting server and decide for yourself if you would like them to host your domain.

Similarly, you can also use the reverse IP Lookup tool to identify parking sites by the large number of domains parked on their IP address.

Finally, you can use the reverse IP search tool to search more than one spam sites on a server by using the IP address of a single spam email.

Start using Reverse IP Lookup Tool

To start using Reverse IP Lookup also known as IP Neighbor enter domain name or IP address and start finding number of domains on server. For example if you type or IP address you will receive same results because IP address resolve to
Please be patient while Reverse IP address lookup processing your request.

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