Ping Test: Ping Website & IP

Ping is a computer network tool, which is used to test, check measure the response time in milliseconds between two computers in a network. Ping test sends requests and lists the responses received then give back value of transmitted packets and percent of sent, received and lost packet. How lower this value is, how more rapidly you recover a response of the other computer. Ping use of the TCP/IP-protocol (for example the Internet).

Ping IP Check - Ping Server, Site or IP Address

You can perform ping test from your own computer of by using our free online ping IP test tool. To perform ping test from your own computer you need to open command prompt and then give command ping IP address or ping Website (Server, Domain Name) i.e. ping or ping
Ping test
You can use our online ping test utility to check and ping server, IP Address or ping Website and determine possibly network connection problem between two host.

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