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TCP/IP is sometimes referred to as "the language of the Internet." In addition to being the official language of the Internet, TCP/IP is also the official language of many smaller networks. For all the computers that are attached to the Internet to communicate effectively, they must agree on a language. Just as every human language has certain rules so that the people involved in the conversation understand what the other is saying, a computer language needs a set of rules so that computers can effectively communicate. Some of the rules of a language that computers use to communicate include determining when to send data and when to receive data.  

Protocols and Standards

Rules, or protocols and standards, are important to ensure compatibility between different kinds of things. As more and more hardware and software vendors began joining the technology explosion, there was no guarantee that any of their products would be able to work with one another. A system had to be put in place so that hardware and software consumers would not get burned by buying incompatible systems. To keep this scenario from happening, standards and protocols were developed. If the hardware and software vendors were all working with the same guidelines, the same standards and protocols then their hardware and software should all work together.  

IP Geolocation

IP Geolocation is visual visitors logs viewer based on IP addresses and displayed on Gmaps. You can scroll through the map, zoom in and out, drag map and find some additional infos about visitors of IP Address Location site's like country, city etc...

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