Check MAC Address

Each device on a network has a unique numbers called MAC address. MAC address is acronym for media access control and refers to the procedures used by device to control access to the network medium. Namely each device on network has a unique physical address. For communication on a network are two physical addresses required. For the sending and receiving devices. For data transfer across an internetwork will be used two MAC addresses. One is MAC address from the receiving machine and other one from the receiving machine. MAC address is 48 bits wide and consist of OUI (organization unique identifier) that is 24 bits long and 24 locally assigned bits.

How to Get or Find MAC Address?

On question: how to get MAC address or how to find MAC address we have two solutions: The easiest way to find MAC address is by using our free automated MAC Address Lookup tool (aka MAC address finder) below or you can get MAC address by following certain steps via Command Prompt (Start - Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt).

Find, Get or Check My MAC Address via MAC Address Lookup?

To get and find MAC address via our (MAC Lookup) MAC address finder tool you need to enable JAVA in your browser. It is usually enabled by default. So in most cases you do not need to do anything special. Your browser may ask you of you would like to allow this MAC address finder applet to run. Depending on your internet connection finding MAC address with our MAC Address Lookup (MAC address finder) tool can take 1 - 15 seconds:

Finding MAC address via Command Prompt

You can also find and get my MAC address by following next steps on your PC: Press Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> and finally press Command Prompt. Then type ipconfig /all:

mac address finder

You will see by "Physical Address" field numbers which will give you answer on question what is my MAC address. This will match the result from our MAC address finder.