Is it possible to track the exact location of the IP address?

The question is ambiguous and therefore it is possible to answer it simultaneously with two answers, depending on what you mean by exact location? Exact IP address location or exact physical location of the user behind the IP address?

Answering directly to the question of whether it is possible to find and track an exact IP address location is positive in most cases. You will get the exact location on the map along with the zip code, region including accompanying data like organization, ISP, etc .... This is not in dispute.

But if the question was meant to get the exact physical location of the personal user of the IP address then the answer is negative. Namely, as you know on the internet there are IP Tracker tools aids you in tracking the real IP address of the system you are currently working on. It is also possible to locate any other IPv4 or IPv6 address. The address is given in the appropriate format along with the logical name of the system. The conversion of IP address to the respective name is done using Domain Naming Systems. However, due to the privacy law, the real physical location of the user's IP address cannot be located. Only the ISP that allowed the user to use their IP address knows this. Which means that in any case of abuse all requests must be addressed to the ISP since he is the owner of the IP address blocks and only he knows who the real user is behind the specified IP address with all personal data.

On the web you can find many websites dedicated to locating and tracing IP addresses but only some of them are the reliable ones are to be trusted. As mentioned earlier, IP addresses are unique. The relevance is so great that the location of the system, wherever it may be physically located can be recognized using its Internet Protocol Address. The extended version of our IP locator gives a much more advanced level of information regarding the IP address of the computers connected in the network. It helps you in finding out various informations like the country, city and geographical informations including latitudinal and longitudinal informations of the place where the specified system is located.

On the other hand several malpractices have occurred by locating the IP address through improper channels. Hide and masking the IP address and pretending to be real sites, several web sites are performing illegal activities in the Internet. VPS and Proxies are possible that claim to give security to our personal information just like a real IP address. Computer awareness has to be created to help common people to understand these possibilities and to be careful.