Check Email Address

We are proud to be one of the first website introducing free email checker tool, also known as email verifier, which allows you to lookup, verify and check email address
Our email checker is advanced testing tool that can be used to validate, verify and check emails and help you find out of email is valid or not. You can follow the process of verifying email in the real time.

What is Email?

E-mail (also: e-mail, e-post, electronic mail or netpost) is sending digital messages through Internet. The first email concerning a computer network, was send in 1971 by Ray Tomlinson. Around 1995 it became popular at the general public, with the worldwide web. Emails are frequently used for short, informal messages.
Mx-record (mail eXchange record) are a type of reference in Domain name system (DNS), the system in which is given up to which IP address network movement must be forwarded. Mx-record contain the hostname of the computer which settle the email traffic for a field. When an email message is sent the sending mail makes a DNS query requesting the MX record for the recipient's domain name, which is the portion of the email address following the "@". Our online email checker use MX records to verify email address from given email

How to check, verify and validate email address with free email lookup?

Our online email lookup will try to lookup and find MX records, then connect to MX Records from given email host address to verify and test email address, and returns a list of host names from mail exchange servers with simple validating output. Email lookup process take a couple second and you will almost directly see the results from our online email checker with final note after validating: of you have valid email address or not. You can look up, test, verify and check email validity of your own email address or email validity of any other email addresses online for free without any limitation.


Please not that our checker is not able always to verify email address and give you accurate verifying result because email servers from some email providers don't cooperate. Good example is