What is DNS?

DNS, which stands for domain name system, makes possible to associate host names with IP address, and conversely. Mostly the DNS is used for the conversion by domainnames in IP addresses what is called forward DNS but also for the conversion by IP addresses in domainnames what is called reverse DNS.
DNS Lookup
Example Whois owner Instagram.eu

What are IPv4 VS IPv6?

In IPv4, there are 32 bits in every address but IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses which are exponentially larger than the address size of IPv4. IPv6 supports a number of addresses that is 4 billion times the 4 billion addresses of the IPv4 address space. The current version of Internet Protocol today is version 4 (IPv4). It was created more than 30 years a go but due to the enormous growth of the Internet, IPv4 is no longer viable. IP Locator
Instagram Geolocation Example

What is Whois IP?

Determining the location is an interesting thing, but it is much more interesting to find out more details about the IP address or the domain itself. We often want to know who the real owner of a domain or IP address is. That's why we created Whois IP Lookup to help us find the owners of given domains and IP addresses
Whois IP

IPAddressLocation.org is back

After a long hiatus, IPAddressLocation.org is back in the game, as one of the first websites dedicated to geolocating IP addresses and domains with its many Network tools. The project of determining the location for IP addresses or domains together with all the accompanying tools started back in 2005 and we became an inspiration ourselves for a well known IP-Address.org tracer project as well as a very ambitious and noteworthy IP-Lookup.org geolocation initiative which combines almost all types of IP, Whois and DNS lookups. And now 17 years later it is high time for radical changes.

The old design that has served us since 2005 has finally been replaced with a new one that has also been optimized for mobile viewing. 2021 marks a new start and a new beginning for us. Most importantly all IP tools are still free and we wish you a lot of enjoyment in our project together with us.
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