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  IP Address

Ip Address (Internet Protocol address) is as your telephone number. It uniquely identifies every host on a network. Just as your mailing address uniquely identifies your home, an IP address uniquely identifies a host.  

The Domain Name System (DNS)

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the most important services in the InterNet. It makes possible to associate Internet addresses host names with ip address, and conversely. The DNS is a hierarchical data base distributed world-wide on thousands of servers, which administers the name area of the Internets. Mainly the DNS is used for the conversion by Domainnamen in IP addresses (forward lookup). The Domain Name System offers thus a simplification, because humans can note names by far better than number columns. For example ipaddresslocation.org is easily to remember than appropiate Ip address
The two major tasks that DNS provides are:
  1. IP address resolution to hosts on the Internet, for local hosts
  2. IP address resolution to hosts on the local network, for other hosts on the Internet

Record Types in DNS

The DNS or Domain Name System database is a collection of records. Several types of records can be included in the Domain Name System database. Some of the most common record types are:
  1. SOA record - Start Of Authority
  2. Host record (A record)
  3. CNAME record
  4. NS record
  5. PTR record
  6. MX record

DNS Lookup - Reverse DNS Lookup

DNS makes possible to associate Internet addresses host names with IP address, and conversely. Mostly the DNS is used for the conversion by domainnamen in IP addresses (forward DNS lookup) but also for the conversion by IP addresses in domainname (reverse DNS lookup).  
DNS lookup
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DNS WhoIs IP - Domain Whois Lookup Check

IP Whois Lookup or Whois Domain Lookup Check Tool is a TCP based lookup tool which use protocol (port 43) to lookup and retrieve data of a domain name or IP address with searching and checking worldwide databases.

With our Domain WhoIs & IP WhoIs Lookup tool we can search, check and obtain information on an any IP address or a domain name.

IP WhoIs Lookup - DNS WhoIs Lookup

IP Whois search protocol in essence is used for the access to public BD (the remote bases of data) of registrars IP addresses and registrars of domain names.

The databases, which have whois interface, are centralized and distributed.

We search for more informations about domainnames or IP address by using help from APNIC (Asian database), ARIN (North American databases), LACNIC (latin America and Caribbean database and internet addresses registry), RIPE (EU database)

Enter IP Address or Domainname below and start using our
Domain Who IsIP Lookup Tool
IP Who Is: 

Please note that valid format is domain name without prefix http or www.
For example:
Not Valid: http://www.ipaddresslocation.org or www.ipaddresslocation.org
Valid: ipaddresslocation.org

You can use our free Who Is IP Lookup & Domain Who Is Lookup tool without any limitation to lookup IP addresses and domain names but do not use it excessively because some registrars may temporary block access to their database.

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