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IP Address (Internet Protocol address) is the number which identifies each computer on Internet, and more generally, the interface with the network of any computer equipement (router, printer) connected to a data-processing network using protocol Internet. This number is generally noted with four numbers ranging between 0 and 255, separated by points; example:  

What is my MAC address?

You do not need to follow anymore tips how to find what is my MAC address. Our MAC address lookup tool does not depends on your Operating system and is very fast. Within a couple seconds you will find what is your MAC address.  

What is my Router IP address?

It does not matter of you have linksys router or netgear router! Or of your use wireless or wired router! You will always know what is your default router address with our very fast and reliable router IP finder.  
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What is My WAN IP? Check My IP

If your computer is behind router (does not matter of it is Belkin , Netgear, Linksys router or any other wireless / wired router) then you will have two IP addresses.


One IP address is your external IP address or WAN IP:

My WAN IP Address:

What is My LAN and Router IP Address?

Another one is your internal IP or router IP address (LAN IP). IP Router address have private numbers and is set to a default by your router.

For example Linksys router usually have default router IP address

Netgear router and D-Link router usually have default router IP address and Belkin router usually have default router address


If you wonder what is your LAN IP address set by your router and how to "check my IP" then you can find router IP below by our IP router finder (router IP finder use HTML5 WebRTC )

My LAN IP Address: Only in Chrome and Mozilla

How to find router IP address?

If you would like to to find manually what is set as router IP Address on your PC then you can do it by following next steps (Note: this method is generally method and works on Windows 7, Vista, XP or any other operational system) You can also find what is your router IP address by following next steps:
Press Start -> Run -> type "cmd" without quotes -> press Enter -> or press All Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt and then type into black window "ipconfig" without quotes and you will get default IP router where "IP Address" field is your LAN or internal IP Address and "Default Gateway" is your router IP address.

On the picture below is default router IP address by the field "Default gateway" - and LAN IP Address by the field "IP Address" -

Router IP address

My IP:
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