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  TCP/IP - New version

The current version of Internet Protocol today is version 4 (IPv4). It was created more than 30 years a go but due to the enormous growth of the Internet, IPv4 is no longer viable.It will be soon replace with IPv6 - Internet Protocol version 6.  

IPv4 VS Ipv6

In IPv4, there are 32 bits in every address but IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses which are exponentially larger than the address size of IPv4.IPv6 supports a number of addresses that is 4 billion times the 4 billion addresses of the IPv4 address space.  


What is TCP/IP?

TCP/IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is a set of rules and protocols that TCP/IP is a set of protocols that manage communication between computers.

It defines how two computers address and send data to each other
Individuals and companies will need to understand TCP/IP because information exchange via the Internet becomes more popular.

What are benefits of using TCP/IP?

TCP/IP is a widely published, open standard; it is compatible with different computer systems; it works on different hardware and network configurations; it is a routable protocol; it has reliable, efficient data delivery and it has a single addressing scheme.

What are protocols?

A protocol is set of rules and norms for transfer and exchange information that computers use when they send data back and forth. Both computers (the sender and receiver)i engaged in data transfer must recognize and observe the same protocols.


What is protocol suite?

Protocol suite is called for a group of protocols.Similar name is protocol stack. When single protocol address is combined with other protocols then is result of such a combination called a protocol suite. TCP/IP is ,for example, a protocol suite. Protocol stack is called the software that prepares data for transmission. When a computer is receiving data, the data moves up through the protocol stack.

What's are the two protocols at the Transport layer.?

That's are TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDP (User Datagram Protocol). TCP guarantees delivery of data and it is protocol tgat uses a larger header. UDP can transfer data faster.

What is IP?

IP - The Internet Protocol is the fundamentally protocol at the Internet layer of the TCP/IP stack.This protocol determine the source and destination

IP addresses

  of every packet.Every host on a TCP/IP network has a unique

IP address

. An example of an

IP address


What is port?

When a packet is moving through the stack, the trasport layer manage the packet tot the suitable port.Thus the port is actually number that the application uses as a address for sending and receiving. TCP and UDP have use of 65,536 ports each. TCP port 80 is, for example, the regular port for Web servers to listen for HTTP requests.

Please describe how works FTP and how HTTP?

An FTP client logs into the FTP server and requests files back to the client by using TCP/IP and HTTP works such a way that client sends a request to an HTTP server by using TCP/IP. Tgeb the HTTP server sends the requested files back to the client by using TCP/IP, and the files are displayed with a Web browser application.

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