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  Web identity and online privacy

Web Surfing is probably one of the biggest threats to Online Privacy. Simple visiting to any website may be a high risk to you. Collecting informations, keep tracks of visitors, cookies, browser exploit, stealare are just some skills that webmaster at the web servers may use to find more info about you.  

Malicious software and code

Malicious code is intended to harm, disrupt, or circumvent computer and network functions. This code can be mobile, such as Java applets or code in the Active X environment. It can also attach itself to legitimate code and propagate; it can lurk in useful applications or replicate itself across the Internet.  

Windows and privacy

Windows and other software programs store information about what you have done, what documents you have used, what web sites you have visited, what images and movies you have seen, and various other activities you have performed. The most of the tracks can not be erased by Windows. Therefore, anyone else can see what you have been doing on your computer, which raises several privacy concerns.


IP Address Location privacy tests.

A Web site, from which you do request, may get the following information from the requests sent by your browser!

Your ip address

This information can be used from hackers to examine possible exploit holes in your operational system.
Country United States Flag for United States

This information can be used to keep track of exactly who visits a Web site.
Country Code

This information can be used also to keep track of visitors to a Web site.
DNS IP Lookup ec2-3-95-139-100.compute-1.amazonaws.com

This information can be used from hackers behind web sites to gain access to your hard drive, personal details, RAM.
Anonymous Proxy Lookup No Proxy detected or you have High Anonymous Proxy (Elite proxy)

This information can be used from hackers to find out of you spoof your IP address or not. Proxy server, actually, is spona that exist between a web browser (client) and remote server. It can be used for caching, speed-up browsing, spoofing, filtering etc...

Your Browser

This information can be used to determine the set of existing security loopholes ("exploits") for subsequent attempt to read or modify data on your computer.

Information above is boobytrap for proxy users. Closed connection probably means that you are behind proxy.

This information can be used by the resource to restrict your access to its contents or for other purposes.

This information can be used to determine your interests/loyalty

Informs the remote host about what types of information are acceptable by your browser.

Cookies - may contain a variety of information, like your e-mail address, passwords, etc...
JavaScript sniffer

JavaScript is high privacy risk
Who is info from your IP Address
whois: (Providerinfo)
My IP:

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