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  Internet Protocol Version 4 - Ipv4

Ipv4 state for Internet Protocol version 4. IPv4 uses 32-bit addresses that maximum 4,294,967,296 addresses allows and forms the basis for addressing within the Internet. But in the year 2022 all available ip addressen will be used. Because of this limited number of addresses IPv6 makes big chance to replace IPv4.  

Special Ip addressen

Within IPv4 special ip addressen are:

* (indication for the whole rest of the Internet)
* (indication for localhost but other ip address within ip range can be used also)
*  255,255,255,255 (indication for netmask of some Ipv4 host)
*;;; (ip address ranges reserved for private use)
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Ip Address Range Generator

We are glad to introduce you our another web based Ip Address tool that will help you to generate and find Ip Address ranges for any Ip Address based on an IP self or network mask (for example 0xffffff80).

This is logical follow-up to our Contry 2 Ip Address Range tool.

The following examples are valid ways to specify and generate the IP address range:

  • -

Please select how you would like ip ranges to be generated:
IP Address list only
Ip Address list with REJECT command behind ip address (usefull for Sendmail
and rejecting specific address within ip range)
Ip Address list with nslookup add at the beginning
IP Address Range Generator:  

  • To prevent server resources we have limited number of Ip Addresses to 8192.
  • We do not check on the correctness of the IP or netmask combination.
Special thanks to S.McCorkindale and S.Tadashi

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