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Ip Address (Internet Protocol address) is the number which identifies each computer on Internet, and more generally, the interface with the network of any computer equipement (router, printer) connected to a data-processing network using protocol Internet. This number is generally noted with four numbers ranging between 0 and 255, separated by points; example:  

IP Distance Finder - Distance Locator

You can use our distance calculator (distance locator) services to enable you to dynamically alter the content of the landing page that each visitor sees according either to their location or to their distance from you. Thus, if you run a taxicab service, you can switch from local to long-distance services according to the distance of the visitor from your office. Or you could use our IP distance calculator to change the prices of a delivery service or courier service. If you offer local services nationwide, our IP tracing or distance finder calculators can be used to establish the local focus of your landing page for that visitor.  

IP Distance Calculator

There are 101 uses to which you can put our distance calculator or distance locator that enable you to find and locate distance from IP addresses, distance between cities, web hosts or URLs in a network, and our IP distance calculator is therefore more than just a curiosity, but an extremely useful calculating tool for many businesses where the distance of visitors from their site is important.  
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IP Distance Calculator to Find the Distance between Cities

Our IP distance calculator can be used to locate, find, calculate distance and determine the distance between cities, distance between locations or the distance between two point to carry out any other form of distance location calculations.


If you have a need to determine and locate the distance between IP addresses, the distance between cities or distance between locations, then the IP distance calculator we offer on this page will enable you to do this easily.

An IP address is a means of distinguishing the identity of a computer in a network, and can be used to locate the geographic location of that computer.

By using our IP address distance calculator (distance finder) you can locate the distance between one IP address and another, or between an IP address and a host in either kilometres or miles.

There are several benefits in being able to do this, one being that the distance between specific locations can be located, such as between cities or towns if you know the IP address of a computer in each location.

The distances involved are, by definition, straight line distances since they are calculated from the latitude and longitude of locations of the two addresses, just as if they were geographical street addresses. In that respect, what you are effectively doing is finding the geographical location of each of the individual IP addresses or hosts, and then the software mathematically calculates the distance between these locations.

Using an IP Distance Calculator - IP Distance Finder

The host name can be something simple, such as IPAddressLocation.org, and you can use a host and an IP address, two host names, such as web servers, or two IP addresses. Our IP distance calculator (distance finder) even enables you to calculate distance and use URLs to determine the distance between cities, the distance between locations and so on. Even just to locate the geographical position of each address and display them on a MAP.

If you have somebodyís IP, and want to find out where they are located geographically, you can use IP tracing to do that, and if you want to find out the distance from you to them, the MAP IP distance calculator we are offering on this web page will enable that. Our geolocation service can be used to record the geographic distribution of your website visitors, so that you can, for example, target your advertising to those areas that would be most fruitful or even exclude certain areas from your advertising so as to exclude specific IP addresses. It is easier, however, simply to bar the individual addresses that you do not want to visit you.

Calculate Distance Between Cities through IP Address Tracing

If you are being spammed or harassed online, you can trace the location of offenders if you can find their IP address, and thus their distance from you. This type of distance cities location isnít always possible, however, since the main problem is finding their IP address. However, if you know how, this can be relatively simple to do from an email with help of our Email tracker.

IP locators and calculators do not actually geoposition the address in the same way as a satnav, but access a database of IP addresses and obtain its geographical location from there. The IP address might be linked to the wrong postal address, they might be associated with only a large city or even a state and might not be listed at all, although that would only apply to IP addresses that are rarely used online. The databases we use are amongst the most complete available, and are continually being update to ensure as a high a degree of accuracy as possible.

In fact, most IP addresses are associated with at least a zip code or post code, and their location available to a sufficient degree of accuracy to allow the distance between two to be established. It might not enable you to bang on the door of a persistent spammer, but would enable you to calculate distance using our IP distance calculator, and to geotarget your advertising to those people that visit your website most frequently. You could even use it to customize your products to specific geographical areas, and accurately set delivery or transport prices or costs.

MAP Distance Between Two Cities - IP Address Distance Calculator

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