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IP Address (Internet Protocol address) is as your telephone number. It uniquely identifies every host on a network. Just as your mailing address uniquely identifies your home, an IP address uniquely identifies a host.  


A protocol is a rule or a set of rules and standards for communicating that computers use when they send data back and forth. Both the sender and receiver involved in data transfer must recognize and observe the same protocols.  

Name resolution

Resolving or translating the name to an IP address is called name resolution. It is the process of figuring out the IP address that corresponds to a given name. For example the URL for the IpAddressLocation Web site is and have ip address When you type TCP/IP will need to translate these meaningful words into the IP address. After resolving of a name to an IP address, the host can then figure out whether the destination is local or remote and can continue with the communication. This is similar to finding a phone number when all you know is a name.  
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Network Tools

You can performance on this page another group of similair network tools:

  • DiG
  • NsLookup
  • HTTP Request

Domain Information Groper, called DiG, is a flexible tool similair to NSLookup and it is often used for network trobleshooting or for educational purposes. It performs DNS lookup and displays the answers that are returned from the name server that was queried. You can use the drop-down menu above to select the desired dig query type.

Nslookup or Name Server Lookup is Network Tool for examining DNS to get and find the IP addresses or Domain Name of a particular computer. NSLookup has been depreciated and it is recommended to use DiG instead.

HTTP Request could be used to retrieve informations about sppecificated web server. In our example you can use HEAD, GET, OPTION and TRACE request methods.
NS Lookup
HTTP Request    

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